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Sports training


Exclusive 8 month development program for football athletes and their parents

Connecting the WHY with the HOW

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meets"


The ONLY program designed for

parents & their athletes

Playing Time

Our Athletes stand out because they take control of the field. They're able to adapt and make changes to succeed vs any opponent, while also being able bring their teammates with them. 

Nobody wants their athlete to succeed more than their parents. We help cultivate a supportive environment for the #1 fans of our members. From just started to play for school to researching what college fits your athlete. W are here for you.

Athlete's #1 Fan

Off the Field

At DFLA, We take pride in develop skills that go further than just football. Confidence, Leadership, and Accountability have everything to do with football and nothing to do with football.


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DFLA Parent


DFLA Athlete

See how our athletes elevate their games

"Parents chose DFLA because they feel included, not only are the athletes growing but they are as well becoming more empowered and confident about the future of their student-athlete"

- Jawanna Thompkins

Parent Portal Coordinator

Athletes chose DFLA to become more than just a football player and more of a leader so they can elevate their skill and their team to reach all their goals -- on  and off the field 

- DeAndre Thompkins

DFLA Founder

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